Lesley Ackland Pilates Studio Lesley Ackland -  by Robert Goldstein

Photo by Robert Goldstein

Pilates based exercise

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Lesley Ackland is an expert in all forms of fitness and well-being,  having run her successful  Pilates

Studio in Central London for over 25 years.  Teaching Pilates - based exercise  has seen  her become

remedial  exercise consultant   to  The  Birmingham  Royal  Ballet  for  five years,   as  well  as  selling

over  100,000  copies  worldwide  of  her  best-selling  Pilates  books,   helping thousands  of  people

achieve  their  perfect  body  along  the  way.

With  20  years  experience  in specialist  rehabilitation of  recovery  after spinal surgery, hip

replacements  and  knee  structuring  via  her unique Pilates - based method, Lesley  has a sound

academic background as  well  as  an  intuitive  understanding  of  the  psychology  behind  teaching

and  group  dynamics which underpins  her  approach  to  Pilates  and the constantly evolving

techniques  based on sound anatomical principles.

'Lesley  Ackland  Pilates  Studio'   has   moved  to a  beautiful  new,   bright,  high - ceilinged  premises

at  Bloomsbury  Space,  St.  George's  Church,  Bloomsbury  Way,  London  WC1A  2HR  from

Monday  12th  April 2010.   An  integral  art  gallery  within  the  Pilates  Studio  will  play  host  to

regular  exhibitions  featuring work by artist Sandra Turnbull and photographer Robert Goldstein.