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Sandra Turnbull, senior teacher

Sandra's background includes dance, the music industry and Pilates.  In addition, is a successful artist with

paintings on display in the studio. Sandra has taught pilates since 1998, the successful co-founder of a Pilates

studio in  West London and currently specialises in remedial Pilates at Bloomsbury Space.

Cheryl Liss

Cheryl Liss has now joined the teaching team at Bloomsbury Space. Cheryl is a highly experienced teacher,

having both taught and trained Pilates teachers for the Body Control Association since 1996. She has a dance

background with English National Ballet Company and a wide variety of different dance and performance styles

during her career. Cheryl has practiced Pilates, both personally and professionally since the 1970's and is a great

addition to the staffing team.

Dalh Haynes

Dalh's background includes musical theatre, yoga and massage therapy. She has trained and taught at

Bloomsbury Space since 2010, after having practiced Pilates and performed as a dancer for many years.

Jenny Knight

I first practiced Pilates for myself and decided to train as a Pilates teacher, having realised the benefits of the

technique. I have taught since the mid 1980's, worked and trained with some of the Pilate's worlds most revered

teachers. I joined Lesley Ackland's team in 2014, whom I have known personally for many years, to continue my

commitment to teaching the benefits of Pilates, for both fitness and rehabilitation.