What is Pilates ?
Pilates is a respected exercise and rehabilitative discipline.

How does Lesley Ackland’s Pilates in the Crypt differ from other forms of Pilates ?
Lesley Ackland and her highly experienced team of instructors teach individually designed programmes of exercise, based upon each client’s health needs, with each client receiving a closely monitored and evolving exercise plan.

What is the difference between equipment and matwork-based Pilates classes ?
Individually tailored programmes and courses of rehabilitation are more easily addressed in a fully equipped Pilates studio, where a combination of matwork and equipment-based exercises can be taught.

What are the benefits of Pilates ?
Lesley Ackland’s Pilates-based exercise is tailored to your individual age, fitness and general health to help reach your personal goals.

How long is each exercise session ?
Sessions are either sixty or ninety minutes in length

Will I receive individual tuition ?
Each client receives an individual programme of exercise. However tuition is not exclusive, as classes take place in a group environment with each client working on their own specific programme, whilst being supervised closely by the instructors present.

How experienced are the Lesley Ackland Pilates in the Crypt instructors ?
Lesley has run her studio for more than 30 years. She has a proven record teaching Pilates and for a period of five years was remedial exercise consultant to Birmingham Royal Ballet. Lesley’s senior instructors have all taught for a similar amount of time, and all have professional dance and fitness backgrounds.

Am I too old for Pilates ?
The simple answer is that you are never too old. Lesley Ackland’s clients cover a wide range of ages – from those in their 20s, to some clients who are well into their 80s

If I have back problems am I able to do Pilates ?
Yes. Pilates is an excellent form of rehabilitation and future injury prevention. More and more health professionals now understand the benefits of Pilates and frequently refer their clients to Pilates studios for exercise.

Is Pilates right for me if I am pregnant ?
Yes. Lesley Ackland’s studio has a proven track record with both pre- and post-natal clients. However medical agreement is always necessary