Remedial Pilates

Lesley Ackland’s Pilates in the Crypt has a reputation for their work with clients who have complex health and exercise requirements.

This experience, and the expertise of both Lesley Ackland and her team of instructors, encompasses a broad spectrum of orthopaedic, auto-immune and age related issues. Particular strengths lie in the fields of exercise for both pre-and post-joint replacement surgery, skeletal and scoliosis-related postural correction, recovery from major surgery, sport and dance rehabilitation, plus the challenges of managing a variety of concerns faced by the ageing body.

Lesley Ackland herself was remedial exercise consultant to Birmingham Royal Ballet for a period of five years, and still teaches several former dancers from the Royal Ballet. She is now in her 31st year of teaching Pilates, and has a knowledgeable and intuitive approach to exercise and health.

All the instructors at Lesley Ackland’s Pilates in the Crypt have many years of teaching experience, enabling them to deliver a professional and informed approach to the complexities of the human body.